Paper Submission Guidelines


1. Font: Times New Roman
Main Title: 21 BOLD (Capitalize each word except the prepositions)
Main Text: 11
Abstract: Word of “ABSTRACT” is capitalized and with 12, the text of the abstract with 10
Main headings in the text: BOLD with 12
Sub headings: BOLD and italic with 11
References (body): 10 and in APA style.

2. Paragraph indentation: 12 before and after. Spacing 1,15 wıth multiple.

3. Footnotes: 10

4. Following te title of the paper, Name of the author(s) must be in 12 and BOLD. Below the continous line, the name of the university should be written, not bold, with 11.

5. For the author names only use the title of “Dr.”, otherwise only name should be written.

6. Desired length for the proceedings is 8-12 pages.

7. When you need to include a reference within the main text, please do it as it is shown here: (Aslan, 2012) or (Aslan & Taner, 2013) or (Aslan, Taner & Sadun, 2010).

Please save your files as “docx” file, if possible using a microsoft version 2010 or newer. Thanks.